Even voorstellen: Asia Lababidi

1 november is Asia Lababidi bij Carree gestart voor een stage naast haar studie Nederlands als tweede taal op Hogeschool Windesheim. 

Asia komt uit Syrië, Aleppo en heeft daar ook voor een vrouwenorganisatie gewerkt. Ze stelt zich even voor:

As a 25 year old girl, I have many dreams and ambitions that I am still seeking for it. I had a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Aleppo in 2015, it was great to choose the field of study that I like, and the same is for work, finding a job fitting my believes was not that easy, I had worked in the social and humanitarian field In the Levantina organization for helping women victims of war and violence.

That was exactly during the war in Syria. The situation was harsh and bad for everybody and particularly for women who suffered greatly of losing a member of the family or their breadwinner and also because of displacement. Hundreds of families Were forced to leave their houses in the conflicted areas and to move to safe areas.

All of that caused certain situations like depression, Physical and psychological abuse and many other situations.

, we tried to stand by these women and to assist them either through Professional training courses that enable them to start small projects to support themselves, or by providing psychosocial support to alleviate the effects of the trauma and problems they have experienced. Sometimes all what they need is someone who listen to them. I have heard many stories and experiences, which made me believe more and more in the inherent power within every woman.

To leave your country and your home is exactly like uprooting a tree from its roots and planting it somewhere else, either it will adapt or die.

Adjusting into a new life in a new country is still a great challenge for me which I hope to win this challenge, but in spite of that, I feel home.

It is not a shame to be a refugee as long as you can start again, life does not end at the end of a stage, but renewed.

I was pleased at this period to know Vrouwenplatform Carree and it’s very magnificent that we share the same idea.

I have all the energy that I can give to Carree and I have the impulse to learn from it.

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